Nikoleta is a multifaceted creative who comes from Athens, Greece. She is an accomplished architect, artist, and designer. Her artistic expressions are enriched by her diverse life journey through Greece, Spain, and the Netherlands. Her work ranges from solo projects to large team efforts on projects of all sizes, from crafting intricate logos to designing theatre sets, buildings, and urban plans. 
As an architect she has worked on projects in more than 10 countries, including South Korea, Canada, Vietnam, Nicaragua and Malta. Her performing arts journey started with dance, where she explored contemporary, jazz and salsa styles. 
Her true passion came to the forefront when she discovered the world of acting and storytelling. She has skillfully brought complex characters to life on theatre stages and in film, contributing not only as a performer but also as a set designer and storyteller. In late 2023, she made her debut as a playwright in Amsterdam with the short play  "Elevator Pitch".
work experience
Artist - Designer | Freelance, GR/NL, 2015-Present
Set Designer | Stichting the Cauldron - Addams Family the Musical​​​​​​​, NL, 2023
Architect | UNStudio, NL, 2019-2022
Computational Design Expert | Institute for Advanced Architecture, ES, 2019
Industrial Designer | UNICO Chouchoulis, GR, 2015-2017
Junior Architect | ArchiSynThesis,GR, 2016-2017
Junior Architect | byMaK, GR, 2015-2016

Woodrise| Basajaun, 2022 *
BB Construmat | Collaborative Robots, 2019 
ROB|ARCH | Metallic Spaces, 2018
Experience Future Cities | Salinity+, 2018
Experience Future Cities | Plezuro, 2018
Experience Future Cities | Magic Carpet, 2018
Experience Future Cities | Kickstarting Sphira, 2018
Researcher’s Night NTUA |Remedial acoustics of a large modern auditorium, 2016
Site Effects 22 | Crossing Wedges, 2015
Researcher’s Night NTUA |Acoustics study of a multi-purpose auditorium, 2015

1st place| Chamartín Clara Campoamor Station International Competition, 2022*
1st place|South Korea: OOO International Competition, 2021*
2nd place|South Korea: Banpo Dong International Competition, 2020*
Finalist | Best Thesis Competition, 2015
Excellence Award | EFG Eurobank, 2009
Scholarship | Prefecture of Eastern Attica, 2009
Scholarship | Cultural Club of Drosia, 2009

Masters | Architectural Engineering, NTUA, GR, 2015
Masters | Advanced Architecture, IAAC, ES, 2018
International Foundational Diploma | Acting, Mulholland Academy, NL, 2022
Professional Diploma | Acting, Mulholland Academy, NL, 2023

*As a member of the UNStudio team​​​​​​​
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